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Relatinal transactional therapy
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Relational Transactional Analysis

TA therapy is an effective and accessible form of psychotherapy used to help us grow and gain autonomy from unconscious life scripts and unhelpful behaviour patterns.  Using concepts of Parent, Adult and Child as different parts of ourselves and our personality, this form of therapy gives us helpful tools for everyday dilemmas, such as communication, relationships, acceptance and insight into why we make certain choices.

Psychodynamic Therapy 

Sometimes, the only way to cure pain, is to get to the deeply hidden root of the problem.  This may require working gently with the unconscious mind and past experiences.  This helps to understand how our present feelings and behaviours are shaped by our early relationships with others, and to give meaning and acceptance to some of our symptoms.

Existential Therapy and Jungian Approach 

Accepting that all humans experience some level of anxiety relating to our existence is an important task for all.  As we mature, existential therapy gives us opportunity to re-examine our lives and ask the sometimes frightening, always liberating question:  Who am I apart from my history and the roles I am playing?  The Jungian approach and dream analysis helpto gain more insight into our unconscious shadows and conflicts, while examining universal patterns and archetypes help us to find our true sense of Self.

Attachment-based therapy

Our lives, from cradle to the grave, revolve around relationships.  Knowing the pattern of our attachment and understanding how we relate to others, can bring transformational change and insight into our daily difficulties.  Although our brain hardwiring for relationships template is shaped early on by our first relationships, we are also malleable.  Positive, subsequent relationships, including one with your therapist, can offer second chances, affording us the potential to love, feel and reflect with the freedom that comes from secure attachment.

Sensorimotor and body therapy

The body’s somatic intelligence and the non-verbal stories our bodies tell are more significant than the story told with words.  Paying attention to the mind-body connection, together we become interested in how the body carries the legacy of trauma, attachment inadequacies and hidden symptoms.  Clients are taught to observe the relationship between the body’s physiological sensations and movement and here-and-now emotions and thoughts. 

Family constellation work

By looking at our wider family and our ancestors we discover the entanglement in the fates of previous generations.  If you listen to ghost stories, you discover that the dead are as much part of the family dynamics as the living and that the impact of ancestral trauma affects how the family works as a system.  The problem is not the problem, our approach to the problem is.  Understandinghow your family operates as a microcosm helps to heal relational wounds and repair old ruptures.

Psychodynamic therapy
Existential therapy
Attachment based therapy
Sensorimotor and body therapy
Family constellation work
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