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How I can help

Relationships and attachments

If you are experiencing difficulties in relationship with your partner, following a breakup or divorce, wanting to improve relationship with your parents, wider family, or children, or need support in starting a new relationship.

Couples therapy 

For couples going through difficult times, unable to communicate, dealing with negativity, hostility, feelings of judgement, anger and resentment.  Perhaps there is significant rupture that needs to be repaired or change in your sexual life. 

Depression, mood disorders, anxiety 

For those who going through loss and grief, feeling low, depressed, flat and unable to experience healthy range of emotions.  Similarly, if you feel anxious, overwhelmed with stress, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours. 

Identity, body image difficulties, eating disorders 

If it’s difficult to maintain a positive self-esteem, confident identity about your Self and your body image.  If you are facing issues related to eating disorders, body dysmorphia, complex relationship with food, and would like to feel comfortable in own body.   

Life purpose and existential dilemmas

For finding balance and meaning, and acceptance that difficult emotions and stress are part of human existence and a necessary part of life.  We all have an innate capacity to self-regulate and sit with our negative feelings, no matter how unbearable. 

Self-sabotaging, destructive behaviours, addictions 

I can help if you are experiencing any of following issues: self-harming and self-injuring, substance use and addiction, such as drugs addiction, alcohol or any self-medication, sexual promiscuity or unprotected sex, suicidal ideations or suicidal behaviour.

Chronic shame and severe self-criticism 

Shame hurts, shame can be a debilitating physiological sensation that leads to extreme emotion, severe panic, and self-punishing behaviours.  Stopping the cycle of shame and blame, and discovering the relief of forgiveness, builds shame-resilient Self. 

Trauma-related conditions

Most people are affected by some type of trauma.  If you are experiencing intrusive memories, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, guilt and shame, anger or rage or any uncomfortable bodily symptoms, it is possible to address it using body therapy and polyvagal therapy.

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