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Psycho-education and group workshops 

Knowledge can be empowering, sometimes it’s good to know what works and how, and what options are available to increase flexibility of behavioural responses and communication.  For many people, starting with safe knowing is a gentle way of allowing themselves to feel and get in touch with deeper sensations.  

Transform your life
transform your life using TA.jpg
Transform Your Life Using Transactional Analysis 

This workshop could transform your life.  When people first master the concepts of TA they report on having many lightbulb moments of realisation of what has been going on and what needs to change in their life, relationship, family, organisation.  Transactional Analysis offers simple and effective tools for everyday dilemmas; these can be used to help you work out the underlying issues that may be causing your problems.  For example, awareness of your own ego states will help you control sudden anxiety, procrastination, severe self-criticism, or recurring negative thoughts.  Knowledge of the games people play, and the drama triangle dynamic will resonate with many everyday situations we find ourselves in.  It will help you take responsibility for yourself, behave with autonomy and spontaneity and free you from the internal psychic conflicts.  Working with your life script, you will identify the powerful, unconscious pattern that controls your life and often makes your wonder ‘why me’.  Working with script cure allows clients to acknowledge the archaic familiar ways, move away from the rigid power of the script, and into the autonomous liberation.Similarly, clients report an enormous relief after working with their injunctions - negative messages they received during childhood, for example, don’t think, don’t be you, don’t feel, don’t be emotional.  Once these verbal and non-verbal subtle messages are identified,it is possible for our bodies to return them to their original source, redecide and rewrite our own positive permissions. 

Motherand Daugter
Mother and Daughter Relationship 

One of the most influential relationships in every woman’s life, the one with her mother.  Its nature shapes how women relate to themselves, their bodies, their success and their intimate partners and families.  Too many mothers and daughters are stuck in repetitive behaviours, blaming themselves or each other for the conflict.  Mapping your mother-daughter history is an insightful diagnostic tool that helps to reveal more truth about generational scripts in your family and what we unconsciously inherit from our mothers.  If you are a daughter, this work can increase your understanding of your mother’s life, generating more empathy and appreciation.  If you are a mother, you will gain clarity how to break the chain of emotional disconnect, impact of mother blaming and how to change the generational themes to relate to your daughter even if your lives are very different.  The only way to connect with this deeply unconscious mother wound is through gentle connection with our inner child to meeting her early needs that were neglected.  When we have grieved the fantasy mother we didn’t have and stop people-pleasing, we can transform our pain into healing and self-love.

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Understanding Attachment Theory and Relational Trauma  

Attachment theory is a useful and practical model for anyone who wishes to find, improve, and reflect on the quality of their relationship.  Our pattern of relating to others, be it an intimate or work relationship, and our relationship with ourselves is almost entirely influenced by people arounds us.  From the moment of conception through to adulthood, we compulsively repeat the template of our relationship with the main caregiver.  Find out whether your attachment style is secure, insecure anxious, avoidant, preoccupied, ambivalent, fearful, or disorganised.  It all starts with the awareness. Once you know, you will have more clarity on how to communicate with others, how you view intimacy and togetherness, how you communicate your needs and what you expect from your partner.  If you are thinking of starting a new relationship, attachment theory will help in manoeuvring the confusing world of dating.  Suddenly, behaviours of others will seem less baffling, and instead more predictable and unsurprising.  Because sometimes, love is not enough; insight and self-awareness, mutual understanding,and transparent communication is what makes a successful relationship. 

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